The Recent of Monday 5th

by Kyle

My “The Recent of …” posts are usually only monthly, but I thought since I was going to post about today anyway, and so much happened, I’ll give it a recent title. *ahem*

Right. Here we go:

Speeches. Well, the outcome is that I have to write it onto cue cards and hand it in. That’s it – no reading out loud to be done. YAY! That makes my life so much easier.
History Assignment. My teacher seems to have forgotten about it, which gives me time to do it now. But I’ve got an essay due, which he hasn’t forgotten about, so I’ll work on that first.
So I ended up surviving school after all. We replaced period 5 with an ANZAC service and that was good.

Also today: I activated a new feature. Isn’t WordPress great?
Later: I’ll fix the header. For some reason, it goes low quality when I put it up, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve so hopefully that will fix it.