The Recent of May

by Kyle

one year of blogging!

It’s May – and on the 4th of May last year, TVNZ flew me and Dad up to Auckland to attend the 15th Birthday celebrations of Shortland Street. It feels just like yesterday! Crazy how time has just flown past.

Re the OSM Finale: After I have finished work on the DVD set, I will upload an edited version of the episode, without the ending. It’s the best I can do because of the restrictions, but at least it’s something!

As for the header: you might remember it from this time last year, when my blog was called “Whaiora Ignition”. (The header has changed to a completely new one since I posted this, due to the new layout)
Some people still can’t pronounce that…..the name was changed in November to Kyle’s Blog.
I have posted over on my old blog, for no reason.

I’m planning a trip to Auckland – I’ll be going up with Jordan, Victim 2 of the Oriental Street Murder series.

So yeah. That’s about it for now….