The Final Page

by Kyle

And thus, with the end of the 26th of April, 2008, brings us to the final page of ORIENTAL STREET MURDER.
Dad’s birthday BBQ (Happy Birthday btw), also was the finale celebrations of the project – the series premiere.
I will upload some footage and images from the night later. Feedback was great and people really enjoyed it, which was awesome. After the screening, speeches were done, awards given and chats began. Each cast member received a glossy copy of the cast photo, and everyone signed each others copies. It was great.

I also gave a tour to some people of Tracey’s Shed Set. They were impressed by the amount of detail that went into it. I videoed their reactions. Speaking of the set, I finished pulling it down about half an hour ago with Dad and Jamie. How sad 😦
It’s all packed up into a box. All the uniforms have been handed in (with the exception of Marita’s uniform pants), all signs and pictures folderised and yeah.

What a great end to the series. But the book isn’t finished yet. We are on The Final Page, where extra editing is completed and the DVDs are released ($10 each for 5 Disc Set).

Good night! I deserve a break.

PS: I’ll change the banner once I’m on a PC.