Meet the FINALE characters

by Kyle

Here is a short bio on the characters in the final episode of Oriental St Murder.

Mike McNutt

MIKE McNUTT | New Character! | Finale
Mike McNutt is the older brother of Tracey. He was always protective of his younger sister, and looked after her properly. He works as a reporter at the local newspaper, but once wanted to be a doctor.
You will meet Mike in the final episode, and discover what his role is in the murders….

Jane Hudson

JANE HUDSON | Prologue Episode, Episode 2, Finale
Jane is a nurse at Welbourn Hospital, but is constantly controlled by Tracey. She recently told Tracey that she’s over being a servant, and that she has been gossiping with the nurses about her. Tracey murdered Jane’s visiting nephew as revenge, because killing Jane would be obvious. But will Jane scrape though in the finale?

Sheree Tarrent

SHEREE TARRENT | Prologue Episode, Finale
Sheree made a brief appearance in the Prologue Episode, passing Jane as she walked down the corridor. Sheree was good friends with Margy, aka Victim 4. Margy was undergoing some research into who the killer is, and shared some information with Sheree. Not much, but enough for Sheree to start gossiping….


TRACEY McNUTT | Prologue Episode, Finale
Tracey lives a double life. Nurse Manager and friend one minute, evil killer the next.
She has a five year old son, Melvin, yada yada.
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