Sheree’s OSM Update #02

by Sheree

Hey Everyone! Sheree Here! 🙂

So everything went according to plan on Saturday, until Michael got grounded. By that stage Kyle and I thought all hope was lost, and it was thought that the episode wouldn’t be completed.. But by a pure MIRACLE, his Mum let him out and the final scene was filmed! Hurrah! 🙂

So now it’s Tuesday and I’m at Kyle’s posting an Update. Kyle has just shown me the preview which was released yesterday, and I LOVED it!

He has also shown me the episode edited so far (which is about 8 minutes long at the moment, and it’s only half done!) Which means that when it is completed, it may not be able to be released on YouTube as they can only accept videos up to 10 minutes long. So if it is released on YouTube it will be in 2 parts.

Kyle has told me that bloopers will be uploaded onto his blog soon after episode two is released (sometime this week), and that exclusive behind the scenes footage will possibly be limited to the DVD only.
More information on the DVD set is to follow, I’m told!

Remember to watch the Preview if you haven’t seen it yet!

Happy watching 🙂

Oriental Street Murder Junkie 😛