The Recent of April

by Kyle

Last month was a busy and stressful one, but hopefully April will be better.

You probably know already that I recently released another “ORIENTAL STREET MURDER” episode online. This new one is based at Welbourn Hospital. To understand the plot fully, you do need to read up about the killer (Tracey) and her motives on this site.
Find links in the ORIENTAL STREET MURDER box to the right.
Also, the final-design of the cast photo has been competed:
Cast Photo for OSM4

Like a TV has ratings, a website has stats.
Like ratings have viewers, stats have visits.
The page that features the video for the latest murder episode, has had a total of 584 visits since it was put up last week.

School Facts
School will be starting speeches next week, and it’s something i am looking forward too!
Two weeks until school holidays
It’s mufti day next Thursday
U.P begins on Wednesday.