by Kyle

It is the 30th of December, 2007.
Tracey is on the ground level, wondering where Margy is (A nosey nurse in training) and on her way to a meeting, which has been called by someone who has apparently discovered information about the Oriental Street killer.

She bumps into Jane; fellow friend and nurse. Asking where Margy is, Jane reveals she is on the Hospice floor. Tracey realises that Margy could be the one who called the meeting, after talking to her grandmother, who is staying in the Hospice. Tracey had always told people her grandmother was crazy, and used her nurse profession to backup her statement. So people believed her. But her grandmother had vital clues which would have provided the police with enough information to suspect Tracey as being the killer! Tracey later kills her by injecting her and placing her under cardiac arrest.

Tracey asks Jane to track down Margy and send her to one of the Private observation Rooms – where she is supposed to be looking after a patient.
Margy, has just finished talking to one of Tracey’s grandmother who is staying on the Hospice floor (Level 4 of the Holloway Building). She has been learning some new information which fits in with everything Margy has investigated about the Oriental Street killer.
She realizes that what she just learnt, in conclusion with what she already knows, fits in perfectly with Tracey being responsible for the killings.

She rings the CEO in the hospice room, and leaves shorty after so she can present her evidence. She is determined to prove that she was onto something, even after she was told to back off.
A distraction gets in her way. Jane, a nurse who works in the same building has informed her to look after her patent or loose any hope of a future nursing career. She tries to explain she’s on her way to a urgent meeting, but realizes that she cannot neglect her most needy patient.

She takes the lift from the forth floor (Hospice Floor 1) to the ground floor, where her patient is staying in a Private Observation Room. These rooms guarantee privacy while being observed for major changes. Nurses must visit these rooms every 15 minutes during the day and night.

She arrives in the Nurse’s Station foyer and quickly proceeds to her patient’s room – only to find no problems. She checks on her patient, who is sleeping (Margy is not aware that her patient has been drugged by Tracey, so they won’t wake up in what is about to happen.).

She hears a sound behind a door, leading to the bathroom. She opens this, and to her shock, she is staring at George Bush. Unimpressed, she questions this figure, who produces a syringe of a deadly, lethal drug, Suxamethonium. Whispering “Tracey”, she attempts to bolt to the door. The figure, also known as Tracey, Nursing Manager, attacks Margy and injects her in the neck. She soon dies after her airways close and she enters Cardiac Arrest.

Tracey quickly takes off the mask and cape, and shoves them into a plastic bag along with the syringe. She pretends to have just “found” Margy and acts distressed, calling for help, but secretly pleased her killer career is going to continue for a bit longer…

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