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It’s December 30th, 2007. Margy has discovered that Tracey is the serial killer. Tracey has discovered that Margy knows. Something has to give.
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Behind The Scenes

Filming this has been hectic, but we got there!

Forgive me for the sound quality – I tired to improve the sound of dialog but there’s only so much you can do with limited resources, and the corridors of the building have huge echo problems. I have edited the death scene in the best way possible, because in every scene she smiles during her death! What you see is a combination of scenes.

You might have noticed that my character, Keil has an appearance! Remember, this episode takes place before he gets killed, and we put him in to remind you of that. You also get to see him aggravating Tracey more by showing a lack of emotion regarding his sister’s murder.
Keil is killed in Episode 1, which takes place (and was filmed and released) on the 31st of December, 2007, one day after Murder 4.

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Here are some photos:
Preparing to go to shootBackground NurseA Welbourn Hospital signpMeredith (Tracey) and MargyGeorge Bush (Tracey) lurks behind the door…. NostelgicMeredith’s elevator sale’s pitchPeaking though the windowMeredith (Tracey) and MargyMarita (Jane) prepares to mop the floors..Cast Photo for OSM4

Message from the Producer:
One thing that is important to remember is that this is not episode two of the series. It has been labeled the “Prologue Episode” because it occurs before episode one.
We filmed a past murder because we had the chance to. I realized that New Plymouth Boys’ High looks so much like a hospital, and in many ways, like Shortland Street Hospital. I imagined filming Margy’s murder there; and discovered it was not impossible.

I started organizing things; checking with Meredith, if she was willing to bring back her killer character. I had to check with Margy, and see if she would again play the role. I had to check if it was okay with the school, and I had to arrange uniforms, badges, signs, dates etc – this episode is the most expensive, took the most organizing, and was 100 times bigger than the first episode – 15 people were involved! While that same number has been involved with previous image murders, that is a much bigger number when you are dealing with videos instead of photos.

Establishing a connection between Shortland Street and ORIENTAL STREET MURDER is vital. Having a connection establishes knowledge and understanding with fans of the show. For example, the nurses on Shortland Street have Lilac uniforms. This was brought into our series so fans would instantly know that the people they were seeing, are nurses.
The walls of Welbourn Hospital (NPBHS) look just like Shortland Street’s. The lanyard’s which carry the ID’s are directly from Shortland Street, and the ID design is similar.
The background sounds you will hear, are also directly from Shortland Street. From the very same episode on which this murder is based (Brenda Holloway’s murder). In fact, the building the story is based in, is called the Holloway Building after Brenda in Shortland Street.
All these factors result, as mentioned, instant understanding of the situation.

So we’ve recreated Murder 4. All the same people are involved – but it’s now a video episode, in a more realistic environment, different uniforms and overall, the best yet.

When we first created O.S.M 4, it was the longest and most stressful because of the work required. These factors carried over to the re-creation of the murder, with cost added to the mix. But it was worth it all in the end.
-Kyle Wadsworth

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