The Recent (March)

by Kyle

Night at the Hotel
On Tuesday night, I went with Kate, Ivon and Dad to Marbles (A flash buffet restaurant in New Plymouth). It was a good night. The food was great as usual, but I spent most of the night in the spa outside lol. My mate Scott, who was leaving the country the next day was staying in the hotel (the restaurant is on the first floor), so it was good to hang out by the pool before he was summoned to his room by his mother.
At 10pm, Marbles closed and Dad + Ivon retreated to the deck by the pool. Me and Kate hopped out, got dressed and then it was onto The Rocks – a bar next to Marbles. We had a few drinks before we took Kate home, headed to Ivons and then returned home, only to watch Shorty then go to bed.
So it really was a good night – and all vowed to do it again sometime.