VICTIM 4 Prologue: Filming UPDATE

by Kyle

7 March:
The uniforms have been sent finally from America, and today the ID’s arrived as well as the nurse’s watches.

The date for filming this episode was also confirmed, and the finished result will be published online within coming weeks. This is also the most expensive episode of the entire series.

I can also say the series will be COMPLETE by the first week of April, where Episode 2 and the finale will be revealed at a celebration BBQ, before being published online.

19 Feb:
Thanks to Metro Uniforms in America and New Plymouth Boys’ High School, we are now going to be filming an extra “prologue” episode of ORIENTAL STREET MURDER.

Training nurse attacked in wardWhile we were only going to film two more to finish the series, we will now film three -with the extra episode dedicated to Victim 4: Margy.

We won’t be dedicating any other episodes to past murders; and the reason we will be filming this is because when I get the chance to do something and it is actually possible, I’ll go for it – I have gotten full permission to film this extra flashback episode in a hospital environment. Plus, Victim 4’s murder was in a hospital ward, and this extra episode will allow viewers to see inside Tracey’s workplace, and inside Welbourn Hospital.

It has delayed the final two episodes somewhat; but the series is still set to be finished in March.