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Shortland Sleuth on Street Talk wrote their thoughts about Shortland Street’s serial killer storyline, and it puts into words what I simply can’t because it was such an emotional rocker! Best episodes EVER produced of the show. In fact, you cannot compare it to average Shortland Street. It’s so dark, unpredictable, emotional and moving.
If you aren’t a fan of the show, tune into TV2 this Sunday at 10am and watch (without ads) the most chilling piece of NZ TV you will ever see.

Shortland Sleuth’s thoughts:

Well, now that I’ve recovered a bit more from watching that episode, here are some of my thoughts on it:

We saw once and for all just how totally evil and twisted Joey is (or rather, was). Not only in what he said to Alice, but also to Craig and Kieran. He had absolutely no remorse for his actions. If he’d had his time over, he would have done it all again.

When Alice was fighting off Joey, I was actually cheering like I was watching a rugby test or something. “Go, Alice, go!” I yelled. “Fight him off! Get away! That’s it! YES!” And then when she was running through the hallways: “Come on Alice! Go you good thing! All right!” Although that was very intense and dramatic, it was kind of funny when she threw her pee at him! Joey seemed a little peed off by that! P

Earlier, it seemed like Alice was trying to do whatever she could think of to get under Joey’s skin. First she tried flattery, and then she tried insults. Joey accused her of being a typical “two-faced” woman, but I think anyone of either gender would do much the same thing in her shoes. He was trying to stay in control, but in reality, he was steadily losing it. Actually, the moment when he seemed the most “in control” was in last night’s episode, when he forced Alice to thank him for operating on her! “What do you say to someone who’s done something nice for you?” To which Alice murmured, “Thank you Joey.” That was one of the most chilling scenes in the entire three episodes for me. It just emphasised his power over her at that particular moment, where she was forced to thank him for doing something to her that was anything but nice!

I was a bit worried for Alice when her wound burst open, but then Craig arrived in time to help her with that. Hope she doesn’t suffer complications later! Well, there will be psychological complications, of course …

No one has really mentioned the little scene with Lara in Chris’s office, where she was giving him a rundown about Joey’s life. But I found it quite interesting. She mentioned his abusive father, and I think that when Joey was chastising himself in last night’s episode, he may have been imitating his father, or grandmother, or both. Maybe his father used to yell similar things at him and/or his mother. Then Lara referred to the fact that his grandmother may not have died of natural causes. Ages ago, in one of his interrogation scenes with Lara, Joey mentioned that he tried to resuscitate his grandmother. I wonder whether he actually caused her to have a cardiac arrest so that could try to bring her back to life, but failed? Maybe that was where it all started. Something else that interested me in that scene was when Lara said that Joey’s “sweet and nice” act was a “survival mechanism”. He couldn’t show his real personality, or people would drag him off to jail or the looney bin pretty quickly! But as I think Lara also said, it was a way for him to get people to trust him. And of course, they fell for it.

The little scene with Morgan was touching and sad. Of course, it was overshadowed by most other things, but it showed how the she was affected by finding out that someone who had been an old friend of hers was a killer. The “Super Joey” picture suggested that he was a kind of hero to her, and also that she had pretty strong feelings for him (maybe she thought of herself as the Lois Lane to his Superman or something). Then she scrunched it up as he realised that a hero was the last thing he was. My heart really went out to her. (

By contrast with Morgan, Tania was rather annoying. “I can never read men right.” Break out the violin music. All these women have died, Alice is in mortal danger and all she can think about is her inability to read men! S To slightly paraphrase what Sophie said to Hunter a week or so ago: could she be any more shallow and stupid? She doesn’t seem to have realised how close she came to being a victim weeks ago. Shanti knows that she had a close call on at least one occasion, and I guess that was partly why she was in such a bad way tonight, although I’m sure she was shedding some tears for Alice too. Back to Tania for a moment: her comments to Kip about his true feelings are probably setting up a storyline where Kip gets together with Alice, or tries to.

I noticed that the PGR warning at the start of the episode was repeated at the start of Part Three. And certainly, that was (unsurprisingly) where the heaviest stuff occurred. It was pretty gruesome when all that blood or whatever came out of Joey’s leg! Later, when Kieran tackled him, you could actually see Kieran’s face hit the concrete, and I heard a distinct “Ow!” Adam Rickitt must have been in some major pain right then! ( When Kieran was throttling Joey, you could see his injuries, although I think they might have tried to hide them with makeup. I had speculated that Joey might meet his demise at Kieran’s hands, and he very nearly did! But in the end, Joey was destined for a slightly more spectacular exit …

And so to the coup de grace. Joey sure got a great last line: “My name is Joseph James Henderson – gone but never forgotten.” How true! That dive he made off the building was quite graceful. I reckon he would have done all right in an Olympic diving competition! P Felt a little sorry for Lara at that moment. Even at the bitter end, she still couldn’t catch her man! Once we saw the closeup of Joey’s body with the blood running down his face, I knew the credits were going to roll. In fact, I even said out loud: “Aaaannnd roll the credits!”

I wonder how they did that dive at the end? Presumably there must have been a big net that he fell into or something.

Anyway, fantastic episode, fantastic storyline, well done and congrats to SPP, cast and crew! Over these past three nights, I have definitely seen the most gripping and spine-tingling Shorty episodes I have ever watched!

I’m hoping now for an interesting aftermath. Then I guess the next major excitement might be Scotty and Shanti’s attempted elopement. So looking forward to that now! But it was the killer storyline that got me back into Shorty, and I reckon a few other converts have been won with it too!

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