Parachute 2007

by Kyle

Last year, Parachute went from the 26th to the 29th of January.
On the 28th, the rain poured down during Dave Dobbyn’s performance on the mainstage.
It didn’t stop. Drains got blocked and the water actually rose and flooded the land!
I was there and lost about $60 during this storm. Stall owners were forced to pack up and people took refuge under the 24 hour cafe tent, but the water poured in. People stood upon tables and chairs, used old stacked newspapers to dry themselves.
When they got an attempt to escape, they found all their belongings had been washed away and their tent submerged in water.

Exciting stuff. It was fun! I was under a gazebo with a few friends as it started. This huge balloon man with moving arms, powered by a fan under him bent over thanks to the wind and his arms flopped about under our shelter, resulting in us getting wet and running wildly away in horror. It soon sported a huge hole and appeared to have died.
The grounds soon drowned under small lakes of water which resulted in raging rivers though the campsite.

Imagine the cleanuyp the next day! We slept in one of the buildings and a movie was shown as people nodded off. The boys and girls were in one room, later separated, the guys went into a new room and I fell asleep, only to be woken for the guys to swap with the girls. It was annoying.

The next day we cleaned up the muck that was wet blankets and tents.
Free breakfast was given to the refugees, the survivers (you can see us to the right), and that was good. Our food had floated away.

From today until Monday, Parachute 2008 is on. I wasn’t able to go this year, but maybe I will next year! 😀