Sir Edmund Hillary lying in state

by Kyle

*includes radio interview*

After parking the car at Dad’s suppliers building, we walked a good 10-15 minutes to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell, which is where Sir Edmund Hillary is currently lying in state.
The crowds at the CathedralWe jumped into line; which stretched from the doors to the church, out to the footpath, and round the corner. It actually wasn’t as long as I expected.

About 15 minutes later, a woman who worked with RadioLIVE approached people in our part of the line. She was looking for people who were out of town. Once she came up to us, Dad told her that we were from New Plymouth and she was interested in getting us on air. She wrote down our names and Dad’s mobile number. She said if they decided to chat to us, they would call us at 12pm.

While we waited for a verdict, we chatted to a friendly lady in front of us. She gladly sheltered Dad when it started to pour down. Luckily I had a hoodie. We were almost in when people came down the cue handing out bottles of organic spring water. It wasn’t the cheap stuff so I was slightly impressed!
We (being Dad, the woman in front and myself) approached the Remembrance Book, when Dad’s phone started to ring. It was RadioLIVE; they wanted to interview us and Dad was first. But we got disconnected and that was that.

Well, not really because they rang back. They had a chat to Dad then a longer chat with me about why it was important I was there, where I came from and a few other things.

Radio Interview:
I do wonder if the presenter is the same woman that reads news reports on Shortland Street??

After the interview I signed the book and then went into the Cathedral.
Signing the Remembrance BookA path was outlined in ropes and we walked in silence down to where the coffin was. The area it was in was cornered off and guarded. Wreaths of flowers were around it and there was a framed painting/photo of a young Sir. Ed. After walking past and watching the solders in amazment, I went and sat down in a chair, because oddly there were no pews. But the chairs are where the pews would have been.

We were there for over an hour. When 1pm rolled around, everyone was asked to standSoliders guard Sir Edmund Hillary’s Coffin for a minutes silence. Then there was a prayer. I thought that was a nice addition.
Every 30 minutes, the soliders around the casket “swapped shifts”. I’ve got a video of that below, excuse the shakey footage.

After I filmed that video (but by this point, I had seen this procedure three times) I left with Dad (who had just returned after sneaking into the media portaloo since the police ordered the toilets closed to the public).
By this point, it was pouring down and there was nobody waiting to come inside. I do hope that thousands of people do pass though to pay their respects.