Auckland Update: SUNDAY

by Kyle

Yesterday I arrived in Auckland and it was great.
Last night, I went for a walk along Takapuna beach and it was amazing. I’ve been up here millions of times but not once have I visited that beach.
It was breathtaking; white sand, green ocean and a bright orange/yellow/pink/purple sunset.

I had some Chinese food last night and now I’m sick. Which sucks, but it’s not going to stop me from going out.
Today we have no plans set in stone, but we will be cruising around Auckland. I wanted to go to Auckland Zoo but we will probably do that next time (March).
Dad has been talking over his New Plymouth radio station via the internet from Auckland, that should keep him busy.

Later tonight, we will be going to IMAX to see “I am Legend”, on my brother’s recommendation.

Anyway, I’m off now so I’ll blog later on!