Profile of TRACEY McNUTT

by Kyle


Tracey is nursing manager at Welbourn Hospital, and mother of five-year old Melvin. She gets along with everyone because of her caring, fun, motherly personality. However, she wasn’t so popular at school, and was forced to keep her thoughts, opinions and questions to herself. She stopped asking people if they wanted to go places, to do things; she stopped making friends with people and shut herself away from the world after being torn down so much. She hated answering the door, the phone, and was always unsure when checking her emails. When talked to by a stranger, she couldn’t look them in the eye and looked away. She was very scared of rejection.

These ways of the past have impacted greatly on Tracey now – they have developed into a mental illness.
When she is let down, embarrassed, rejected or annoyed, she feels extremely hurt and feels a range of emotions. She then goes though all the possibilities, and this results in her thinking the person has fobbed her off; and no longer wants to friends, and doesn’t want anything to do with her. Tracey’s KILL switch flips and her mission is to eliminate the person who did wrong, so Tracey does not get hurt again.

Will Tracey succeed in a sixth murder? If so, what did the victim do wrong in her eyes? Or will she be caught before she can commit another crime? Find out soon….

Tracey McNutt is portrayed by Meredith Regan.