by Kyle

I haven’t really blogged in a long time, so I’ll do it quickly now before I go to work.
This afternoon I’ve been busy re-editing the “ORIENTAL STREET MURDER 5” video. I wasn’t happy with the death scene, so I’ve changed it so it is seen from different angles and the victim isn’t smiling. He no longer says “You’re Mental!”, which is fantastic. I also added Lisa into the credits (She discovers the body at the end). Lisa is the Murderer’s sister. She will play a big part later on.
You can see the new video in the”ORIENTAL STREET MURDER 5″ post, and at the end of this post.

I’ve also been writing and preparing the next murder! In fact, I’ve written the ending of the whole series to. It’s going to be much, much longer and will be action packed. If I can get this right, then it could lead to good things! It is not just a home video. It is a mini series and I am determined to make it the best it can be. So many people have been impressed and I want it to end on a high.

I’ve also been asked to go to Wellington with the Gypsies: and I’m considering it! But I need to check and change some things first, so who knows if I’ll end up going.

Make sure you check out the revised MURDER episode!