by Kyle

Watch until the end – there is always a clip after the credits.
Video Tip: Press play, let it play a few seconds then pause so the rest of the video can load. It’s worth the wait!!

Old Video/Original Episode:

Watch until the end – there is always a clip after the credits.

The video revealing the murderer and where you see a victim meet his fate was shot in two hours with one camera. We shot each scene about 6 times with a different camera angle. It was filmed New Year’s Eve, at 11am and was edited & complete by 5.30pm and was shown on TV to everyone who has been involved with the series and to everyone at our NYE BBQ. Meredith’s kids were horrified to see her killing me!
It was fun to do and we had to be careful I wasn’t actually strangled. But the IV tubing used was actually really tight – in one scene I turned red!
At 8.30pm, we got ready for the “dumped and discovered” scene, where I would be discovered in a bin. That was done by 9.30ish. You can see this at the end of the above video and the below video.

The new video was shot (the episode at the top of this post) because Meredith had become Tracey and had a haircut. We refilmed this murder and it was made more realistic and aggressive. It was reshot just after episode 2.

The Team Preparing for the dumped sceneVictim and MurdererORIENTAL STREET MURDER 5 WallpaperThe Attack
There are more photos in the below “Rough Cuts, Outtakes and Bloopers” video: