by Kyle


This is the original, old ORIENTAL STREET MURDER 4 case. It has been remade as an episode.

At 1.30am, Tracey, Head nurse at Welbourn Hospital discovered training-nurse Margy lying on a bed in a private ward, in cardic arrest.
Attempts to save her failed and she was pronounced dead at 1.35am.
Lab results have shown she entered Cardiac Arrest after being injected with a lethal drug.

A George Bush mask was left at the scene, confirming this is the same serial killer who killed 3 other people. However, DNA could not be extracted from the mask as it had been worn by other people, and there was a mix of DNA in the mask.

Training nurse attacked in wardTraining nurse dead from attack

Behind The Scenes

Margy played a training nurse at the local hospital. Her murder was created on the same night as Derek’s, on the 24th of November. So people in the neighborhood and people involved didn’t think I was the murderer, we used a different person under the mask. The person is actually Derek, murder victim 3!
They are both standing on stools, which are at different heights. My family and close friends know everyone is is involved and who suspects are. Nobody has pointed out the real murderer, which is interesting as I thought it was obvious.
This murder took the longest (bunk beds had to be moved, desks, etc) because of the scene preparation. It was hard getting the photos I needed but we got there in the end.