Infomation on “Kiel”

by Kyle

I’ve adopted the spelling “Kiel”, which sounds exactly the same as “Kyle”, only it’s spelt the German way.
Here’s some information on it:

Like many other surnames, Kyle has also become a popular given name in English speaking countries. As a given name, Kyle is a gender-blind or unisex first name, most frequently given to males.

Some Variations: Kyle from Sweden, Kehl, Keil, Keyl, Coil, Kail from German and Dutch families; Kuyle from Flemish.

Robert Chalmers of Ayrshire in his History of Scotland, said the word Kyle means “a woody region.”

In Modern Welsh (the language closest to the ancient Brythonic language of Kyle), Coel means “Omen or Belief.” Coelio means “to Believe or Trust.”

Meanings: “Narrows”, “channel”, “strait”, “Fair and Handsome”