KIWI DVD (Update)

by Kyle

This is an update on the KIWI DVD post from October.

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One thing I have always supported is New Zealand shows on DVD.
The reason for this is because NZ has really great programs sitting in archives, never to be screened or watched again.

I have pushed for many kiwi shows to be DVDed, including the now-released Sensing Murder and Facelift. But I am really disappointed at TVNZ’s efforts. They emailed me saying releasing shows is not possible for them and they are looking at other ways to release them. But I have to ask, what other ways are there?
The shows I asked about (Ghost Hunt, Rude Awakenings) are already on TVNZ ondemand. You “rent” them though (pay, download, watch, video expires) and you pay per episode.

I recommended that they put some shows onto DVD, then sell them on an online shop on TVNZ ondemand.
Since ondemand sells single episodes of overseas shows, they could also sell the DVD of the show which would create a bigger DVD shop. I am waiting for a reply by the head of emerging business, Jason Paris.

So if you like a locally-made show, let the television station and the production company know! They might release it on DVD, immortalizing the talent forever. Support our shows and celebrate them! You don’t know a good thing until it’s gone.

Shows I want on DVD:

(These shows may already be out, this is just a list of ones I would like to own. This is an updated chart from the last KIWI DVD post)

Intrepid Journeys ON DVD
Facelift ON DVD
Sensing Murder ON DVD
Rude Awakenings COMING TO DVD

Ghost Hunt NOT ON DVD

Karaoke High NOT ON DVD
Eating Media Lunch NOT ON DVD
The Unauthorised History of New Zealand NOT ON DVD
This Is Your Life NOT ON DVD
Whatever Happened To…? NOT ON DVD