by Kyle

There has been a third murder on Oriental Street. A serial killer is on the loose.
O.S.M3: Boy found in bushO.S.M3: Boy found in bush 2

The ORIENTAL STREET MURDER series has gained interest by many locals to the area, online Shortland Street fan groups, friends, family and South Pacific Pictures staff. Spun-off from the Shortland Street murder storyline, the series has so far killed off three locals, and involved a father, mother, photographer for the local paper, three victims, and nine other children. The children specialized in props, makeup, costumes, photography, and so much more.
The question on every parent’s lips on the street, is “Who’s Next?!”

Murder number three, Derek, was completed on the 24th of November. It started at 6pm and went until 9pm, one of the longest yet. Different locations were used so there was a variety to choose from for the blog. Derek had helped out in Murder 2 (Jordan) and decided he would like to be next. This murder is so far, involved the smallest amount of crew: just five kids.

A small selection of behind the scenes images are below, along with a clip with Derek and Jeremy’s thoughts on murder number 3.
While you’ve been reading this, the killer selected his next victim…

O.S.M3: MakeupO.S.M3: Getting readyO.S.M3: In the bushO.S.M3: Zombie