by Kyle

Another murder on Oriental Street!!

Local girl found in skipLocal girl found in skip #02

This is proudly, our second and best-staged mock murder to date!
Murder victim #2, is Jordan. Jordan is the sister of the last murder victim, Kaden.
Jordan’s mother was reluctant to let us “murder” another one of her kids (Kaden was a surprise), but she agreed and it took about 90 minutes to set everything up.
Lucky for us, there was a half-full (or half empty) skip just down the road. And we were allowed to use it!

As like last time, we used talcum powder to make her arms/neck/face deathly-pale and blue/purple eyeshadow on her neck to make bruises. She was wearing a top underneath that didn’t go over her shoulders so she appeared naked like the victims in Shortland Street.
Doing the makeupCleaning up!

A mattress was placed into several rubbish bags along with soft toys, for a couple of reasons:

  1. So Jordan wouldn’t be lying on nails, wood and another building materials
  2. So it didn’t look like she was lying on a mattress, both ends were in rubbish bags.
    So it didn’t look flat, soft toys were put into the bags. A split bag was used to cover the middle of the mattress. The rubbish bags are of course filled with soft toys and blankets, because the skip was originally half-full with building material.
    Skip LayersPreparing the “rubbish bag bed”

The “rubbish bed” was put in first, then surrounded by the rubbish bags mentioned above, cardboard, plastic bags and other bits of rubbish.
As the scene was prepared, neighbors and the local kids came to see what was going on, and why there was a whole lot of rubbish flying in and around the skip.
Prepping the skipSome of the crowd

Once the scene was prepared, we took photos of Jordan in the skip. The good ones are at the top of this post, and all the others she was smiling!
Jordan couldn’t stop smiling!Jordan STILL couldn’t stop smiling!

Claire’s MurderBrenda’s Murder
Oriental Street Murder 2 was base
d upon the first Shortland Street murder victim, Claire Soloman. The “George Bush” mask that the murderer wore on the show was used with Brenda Holoway’s murder, but we combined it with this one to relate it more to Shortland Street.

Everyone had a great time preparing it, but the question is who’s next?!
The killer spies

Extra Shots:
The murder spies his next victim from the skip…Local girl found in skip #03Local girl found in skip #04

More Behind The Scenes:

Getting in a “dead” moodThe murderer arrivesJordan sees the killer Local girl found in skip + MurdererThe murderer looks down upon his second victimKyle & Jordan in the skip!Kyle & Jordan in the skip 2Kyle featured as the murdererHanging out after the whole idealThe Murder Expert TeamShe wasn’t really naked!

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Dad, for convincing the skip owners to let us use it, despite the nail risks AND for taking photos
Meredith for bringing Jordan all the way from Bell Block
Jordan for doing a fantastic job
Jamie & Margy for helping prepare props