by Kyle

One thing I have always supported is New Zealand shows on DVD.
The reason for this is because NZ has some great stuff out there that isn’t on DVD.
I have pushed for many kiwi shows to be released, and two are now in the works: Sensing Murder and Facelift.
The sad part is Sensing Murder will be of a huge cost and will not be worth buying at such a high price ($80 for only 6 episodes or $20 a episode).

I’ve said to TVNZ and production companies, why produce fantastic local content when it will only be aired once and then collect dust on a shelf somewhere? Why not release it for the public to enjoy it when they want?
It’s always confused me. The product will be around forever, but it’s life on TV won’t. And if it’s a good enough product, release it and make more money from it!

But it’s not just the companies that are the problem. Recently a second volume of “15 Years of SHORTLAND STREET” was pulled due to the production costs being higher than the revenue costs. The most expensive cost was licensing music in the episodes.
I find it sad that people didn’t support Shortland Street as much as they should have. These special volumes consisted of three DVD’s, with about 5 episodes on each one. They were specially selected episodes from over the last 15 years to celebrate how long the show has survived on air. $20 each DVD. That’s cheap – especially for a Kiwi DVD!

I own 12 international DVD’s (including a few movies), and 8 Kiwi DVD’s (including a few movies). My goal is to have a bigger kiwi pile by the end of the year.
So if you like a locally-made show, let the television station and the production company know! They might release it on DVD, immortalizing the talent forever. Support our shows and celebrate them! You don’t know a good thing until it’s gone.

Shows I want on DVD:

(These shows may already be out, this is just a list of ones I would like to own)

Sione’s Wedding ON DVD
Intrepid Journeys ON DVD

Ghost Hunt NOT ON DVD

Rude Awakenings NOT ON DVD
Karaoke High NOT ON DVD
Eating Media Lunch NOT ON DVD
The Unauthorised History of New Zealand NOT ON DVD
This Is Your Life NOT ON DVD
Whatever Happened To…? NOT ON DVD