The Woolworths Robbery

by Kyle

Well, sorta a robbery.
Just got back from Woolworths. Dad wanted to go down and buy some Mello Yello about 15 minutes ago, so we went downtown to the supermarket. We got what we wanted and we were walking to a checkout when I noticed a big guy going to the exit. He had a beanie on and a dark blue Chubb jacket. I noticed it looked like something was under the jacket and he caught my eye, pulled the jacket over his arm more and glared.
I hadn’t seen him go though the only checkout that was open, so I said “I think he just stole something”. We watched him and went to a checkout and told the operator what I saw. Dad recalled seeing him holding beer under his arm in the beer isle, and the lady said that she saw him looking there.
We went outside, walked around but couldn’t find him. We left, drove around the block, couldn’t see him so we went home where I told Mum of my exciting story 🙂