by Kyle

The Ferndale killer strikes again!!!

These images are from a hour or so ago!!
Body found in bushBody found in bush 2

Okay, so the this was all fake. We got Kaden to be our victim and spent 90min and over doing his makeup and preparing his costume, and the plan. We used talcum powder to make his arms/neck/face pale and blue/purple eyeshadow on his neck to make bruses.

The rubbish bags were prepared and he wore no shirt and black PE shorts so he would appear ‘naked’ like in the show.
We then took him down to the bush – where some of our team were to start ‘acting’.

Jeremy and Fin were at the top of the hill – shocked and upset.
Further down, Margy was hugging and supporting Jorden, Kayden’s sister as she pretended to cry just metres from the body.
Jamie and I ran to get Kayden’s mother, who was shocked when she discovered the body. Jeremy and Fin had not seen the body before hand, so were really shocked when they saw it too.

Huge thanks to Jorden and Margy for makeup and for helping me do the rubbish bag costume – Jamie for doing the odd jobs, Kayden for being our body and Jeremy and Fin for being great actors. Of course I assisted with everything and had the idea hehe.

Here are some behind the scenes pix:
Preparing JaydenApplying the neck makeupNeck brusingBrusing againDead rehursalPreparing the sceneDistance viewBody in the bushThe teamJeremy & KaydenKyle & Kayden

Our scene was based on two Shortland Street murders:
Murdered JayMurdered Claire


Other: When I was at SPP, Simon from the company told me he was dying to ask a question. He referred to a video I made on the Shortland Street Cliffhanger competition. It featured Claire dead in a skip. He said they were worried I hacked into their PC’s to see scripts, because days after (or before, can’t quite remember) they filmed Claire’s real dead scene! Thinking back now, I didn’t actually know about her death and it is a spooky coincidence.
I made two videos:
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