A look into what I did at SPP

by Kyle

It’s all over! I have completed my weeks worth at South Pacific Pictures!
It is sad but at the same time it is overwhelming – I’m really proud of what I achieved!
Over my week, I helped out various departments and visited/learnt about others.
I met lots of cool people and visited the cafe often (the ladies were really nice and the food was really good!).

I really enjoyed being in the Shortland Street departments on my last day, which included helping the Shortland Street publicist, and wardrobe. I also visited the sets, control rooms, art department, editing suite and hung out with some of the cast while waiting for filming. I also got to see a scene being filmed!

On the first four days, I helped out in the Head Office, archiving photos and news clippings for various productions. I had a really, really great time and I know what I want to do now and where I want to work!
It was interesting meeting people who were passionate about one thing (eg: clothes, editing) and were pleased to be working for their favorite TV show. It was a win-win situation and just letting me experience a bit of it was a real buzz.

Upon leaving, I handed in my swipe card and got a reference letter from Tamar, along with a signed Outrageous Fortune DVD and some Shortland Street starcards and magnets.

I can’t go into too much detail what I got up to and what I saw, but it was really exciting!

Huge thanks to Tamar, Simon, Sue, Anita, Lucy,Dad, Paul and everyone else who made it happen and who made it work!