Alarming News: Push on to raise minimum driver age

by Kyle

I wanted to get my license back in July, but visits to Auckland and the funds required stopped me from getting it.
The cost of the registration and test will be $80 (rounded).
I have been planning on taking the test in the second week of October, but this news is alarming:

Transport Minister Annette King has raised the prospect of Parliament being polled on lifting the legal driving age, saying it was probably time to see what MPs thought.

National’s transport spokesman, Maurice Williamson, personally favours lifting the age to 16, although he says his party has not yet formed a policy.

Mr Dunne said the Government seemed unwilling to increase the driving age from 15 despite “widespread support” for such a measure, prompting Ms King to suggest he test that support by polling Parliament.

Mr Williamson told the Weekend Herald New Zealand was out of step with comparable countries. When he was transport minister, he pushed to raise the age to 16.

“It was beaten by the old argument that rural kids need to be able to drive,” Mr Williamson said. “I still can’t quite reconcile that, because 15 was set because that was the school leaving age. The argument was that once kids left school they should be able to get a driver’s licence. The leaving age got raised to 16 and I would have thought that by the same logic the driving age should rise.”

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