…and the door is now CLOSED

by Kyle

As you may have read, we sent an email to TVNZ, with wishes of visiting again with chances of seeing what we missed out on last time. But this afternoon they sent out an email.
The rest of it is best wishes, but here is the main sentence:

“As you have already received a tour of our studios and were lucky enough to meet Simon and Wendy, we feel that we are unable to accommodate your request. We need to allow other people the opportunity to have their turn.”

But could this be the result in me posting videos on You-Tube?
I recently found videos in TVNZ’s website index – these videos were exclusive to ZM and were to be released weekly. But today, TVNZ and ZM contacted Regan from Throng, requesting these videos be removed. Regan told them no and said to contact You-Tube, as that is where the videos were being hosted. Instead, TVNZ rang me, requesting for me to do something about this and said that they were having legal problems because I posted them. They said they did not want to contact You-Tube even though they “have the powers to”.

TVNZ’s index is public. This means that anyone can access them. The offending videos were listed on their index. This means that anyone could have linked, downloaded and viewed the videos. All I did was make these videos more public, so Shortland Street fans could watch them – I didn’t know they were top secret! I’ve been told by countless people it’s their fault.

I do wonder what is going to happen next – will it blow over? Will ZM ring me too? It probably is over, and ZM probably won’t ring, but still – the damage is done!