Exclusives (to put it one way)

by Kyle

It’s always exciting when I get hold of something that is not yet released.

The first, being a copy of Britney Spear’s new single ‘GIMME MORE’ before it was due to start on radio stations worldwide days later, was awesome! We managed to play it on 106.7FM before it was played anywhere else.

Secondly, I’ve gotten hold of 5 exclusive interviews with some of the Shortland Street cast. One interview a week is played on ZM, and it was ‘videoed’ for the ZM website. The first interview aired this week, with the second airing next week.
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Slightly off-topic, I’m sorting details with Dad for a permanent modern slot on 106.7FM. This is exciting because it wil take the station to the next level, and give listeners a taste of the “good modern stuff”, not the doosh-doosh music.