The Recent (September)

by Kyle

Do not text/call my 027 mobile from Monday

From Monday, 3rd September my Apache is going back to Telecom for servicing. Please do not send any text messages to it or call it, as I won’t receive them – the technician will. Thanks!

Auckland again

There is a chance I will be returning to Auckland for the forth time this year, to hopefully visit South Pacific Pictures once again. I’m not holding my breath on TVNZ, because I haven’t been able to come to a conclusion with them on previous visits. In fact I might not even ask this time – I can’t be bothered anymore.
The visit will be between the dates of Saturday 22nd September and Sunday 7th October.

Blog Stats

There were a massive 900 visitors last month, up from the usual total of 300. Not bad!


Dimity Rush’s sensational book, ‘COMING READY OR NOT!’ arrived in the mail yesterday, along with superb reviews and movie right interest in the book.

Click here to read Dimity’s blog entry on the book

Photos: Coming soon

(yes – it is a prop from the show Rude Awakenings)