by Kyle

Now including photos from the set!
The whole trip was great, but the highlight really was visiting South Pacific Pictures. A bubbly Tamar took myself, Dad, my brother Jeremy and our host Paul though all the sets, and it was amazing to see how detailed they are!
The ‘inside’ of the west house is incredible. There are notes to Cheryl, cans in the sink and a mess in Pascale’s bedroom. Sitting on the dining table are some coffee cups from the crew.
We also got to visit The Rusty Nail, Video Hut, Jethro’s office and all the other dinky ones.

After leaving the building, Michael Galvin called me over from the outside cafe (but I didn’t hear). Luckily Jeremy did and he pointed Michael out, so I went over for a chat! It was great because he remembered me from the party way back in May and kindly reminded me that I was “the hacker”.

Big thanks to Tamar from South Pacific Pictures!

P.S: I look bad in these pictures: But I did have an incredible time! The photos just don’t show that (all the good pictures didn’t turn out)!

Pic 2Pic 3Pic 4Pic 5Pic 6Pic 7The Rusty NailPic 8

There are more pictures from the set, but these are the ones I submitted to South Pacific Pictures for approval on using them here.

About that job with Shortland Street: I didn’t get it, but that is no problem at all! The aim was really to gain experience and that was definitely achieved. Thanks to this, I will be working at South Pacific Pictures for a week in the school holidays, and this is fantastic!