Re: JULY 31, 2006

by Kyle

I’ve had a few comments (not on my blog, ironically) over MSN and texts and such, as to why I didn’t complete the entry on what happened on July 31st, last year.
The reason is because, today marks one year without her here with us. And instead of going into the whole story, I decided to cover my memories right up until the worst point of my life to date.
These were the moments that threw everything upside down – and that’s where I want to leave it.


That is really heartfelt….what a beautifully written piece of work…..
you should be a writer…
Keep going the way you are and you will do great things with your life. And I really mean that….you have so much potential in a number of areas -Terri

Quite extraordinary for a boy your age….. -James

Excellent story, Kyle.  Very impressive.  I particularly like the fact that you are not afraid to communicate painful emotions.  Well done.  Thanks a lot for letting me read this.  I hope you keep up the writing.  You have a real knack for it. -Mr. Townes, English Teacher at NPBHS

The true story, JULY 31, 2006 can be found under the Specialty Posts category (see sidebar).


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Aurora Bay, a character on TV3’s Outrageous Fortune on Tuesday, July 31st at 10.30pm. The same time and date that my Aunty died at last year.

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