Publicity Assistant

by Kyle

I need some advice.
Recently, the Publicity Assistant for Shortland Street resigned, leaving an open position.

The successful applicant will have excellent writing skills, very good organizational and administrative skills and outstanding people skills. S/he will have good attention to detail, be highly motivated and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

I have very good writing skills (despite a few typos hehe), I’ve always been interested in admin work, I’m organized most of the time and I get along with people well. Attention to detail, high motivation and working in a fast-paced environment are all things I am capable of.

Experience in journalism, marketing or publicity is preferred but not essential.

Apart from blogging on Throng, I don’t really have journalism experience. I’ll admit I haven’t done any work in marketing or publicity, but I believe it is something I could master.

It is essential to have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office software, especially Word and Outlook. Some knowledge of graphic design programs will be an advantage.

I have a great knowledge of Microsoft Office software, and I use Word and Outlook frequently with schoolwork.

I emailed Tamar Münch (Head of Publicity) about the job, asking if there was an age limit because the above is something I would really like to do. She said no, and that she started at age 17, but she did have some TV production experience and almost half a Bachelor’s degree when she started. It was a part time role that later expanded into a full time one.

Since there is no age limit to the job, and the requirements sound like something I could really enjoy doing, I would like to apply. I know that the chances are slim of me getting the position, but it can’t hurt to try right?

Update: Thanks to advice, I’ve decided to give it a go and see what happens. Fingers crossed…!

Update 2: Well I created my C.V and covering letter, but I have also been considering other things. As great as the job is, and no matter how capable of doing it I am, I am only 15 years old and legally cannot leave school until age 16. I want to continue with education because it will be a very useful thing to have behind me when the time comes for bigger jobs. A reason why I wanted to send in a application was because I was hoping that they would offer me a week or so of work experience instead.Tough – I’m putting this though to see how successful it will be. It’s been great learning how to apply for a real job.