Why haven’t I blogged + The Recent (24 July 07)

by Kyle

I’m seriously considering writing a book. I always have – it’s been a goal since I was small. But that is not why I haven’t been blogging here. I was asked why I didn’t blog about my stint in hospital a week ago. The answer is…everyone already knows, so there’s no point rubbing it in your face further. But I can report that I had a great birthday bash, even if Michael did eat most of my cake. I rented a movie and the latest SingStar, and we had heaps of people over and the night was great fun!

Thanks to everyone who wished a great day – it was the best yet. One thing that I’ve been into since Saturday is Harry Potter. It seemed fitting that the day after I turned 15, I read the last adventure in a story that has been apart of my life for so many years. All those mysteries, all that excitement ended and the whole story was wrapped up, ending a chapter which was occupied by the dramatic happenings of Potter and his friends. For years, people would ask: “What’s going to happen to Harry?” “Is Snape really evil?” “Is Dumbledore really dead?!”

All of it was answered of course, and It is sad to have ended that era. If you have not yet read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, you should. It’s fantastic, emotional and dramatic. The words do not seem like they were written by man – the wording and plot seem like only something destiny could create.