The Recent (Friday 13th ’07)

by Kyle

A week ago I was in Auckland. I left at 5am, and got there at 10am, then hung out on Queen Street until 5pm before being rejected entry into the SKYTOWER because the law says people under 16 cannot be alone. Well that’s what they told me. After that, I stood outside TVNZ while getting stared at by a security guard, before I moved on. Ahh, I love the concreate, lively and vivid city of Auckland. It wasn’t one of my best trips up there, but it was good all the same. My first adventure to Rainbow’s End; first time on a coaster! I also saw Transformers at Sylvia Park, which was FANTASTIC!

One week = Kyle turns 15
One week, one day = Harry Potter – the final book
Two weeks = The Simpsons Movie

It all looks good! But the worst is yet to come – Speeches. Last year, I made a complaint to the Ministry of Education. Not that it went far, but I didn’t do them because cancer turned my family tree black.

Anyway, why am I writing, after I said that I was tired of it? I guess it’s because I really feel like writing. I wrote a note on my Facebook profile called Kyle Wadsworth and the Confused Razzler. When I read it again just minutes before I let my fingers infuriate the keyboard and write this, I was impressed by how I had written it. I enjoyed seeing my use of english in there. I should probably write a book or something!

I just noticed before that the date is Friday 13th. It sucks really because on Friday 13th, I always plan to walk under a ladder or meet a black cat, but it never happens (I always forget). There’s always next time I suppose…

Anyway, I have to go get ready for work. I have $9 a hour now so I am upping my quality. I’ll write more on that later on.