Rude Awakenings Support

by Kyle

Before I start, I’ll just say that my entry about going to TVNZ will be finished soon! I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t had time.
Now, if you watched Rude Awakenings, you would have found what a truly great show it is. It is so well made, it has the look of a high-budget American show (eg: Desperate Housewives), but is very kiwi.
TVNZ have said that there won’t be another series, despite the fact there are heaps of fans out there. Personally, yeah I liked the show. It can’t be compared with Outrageous Fortune, but both shows are of the same quality.
Click here, check out my post and then show your support! Don’t let TVNZ make the mistake of canning probably the best series they have ever screened.