I love connections

by Kyle

…if that’s what you want to call them.
I cannot believe that I am still talking about my TVNZ ondemand article. It’s weird. But still, good things are happening from it!

1. TVNZ are flying me up to Auckland next week, to meet the CEO and a department-head, Jason

I look forward to hearing from you with regards to organizing a visit to meet you.

2. I’m going to the Shorty celebrations

…you and your father are being invited to attend the Shortland Street 15th Birthday celebrations…

3. I’m going to get props left-over from Rude Awakenings, because the creator remembered my name when I emailed M.F Films about A second series.

Garth Maxwell the creator of Rude Awakenings noticed that you are a fan on Throng & we saw your TVNZ hacking article.

What’s next?