by Kyle

I was walking into Countdown yesterday, when I noticed as I walked, I was looking at all sorts of people – thin, wide, short, tall, female, male, old, young etc and I realized something.
The thing is, when you are out & about or reading about someone (who you don’t know), you always tend to ‘know yourself’. For example, you have the ‘admin’ view of your life. You control your actions, choose your friends, jobs, and you will always have this sense of ‘you”.
When I walked into that supermarket, I realized that I do not regard these people have lives too. To me – they are just other people. But to them, I am just another person. Everyone has a life story – a life tragedy, their own way of life, their own family & friends, and this is something that makes them whole. I am a people person – I enjoy listening to ‘life stories’, learning about other people and being their mate. Because once you regard their existence, both of your lives change.