TVNZ ondemand – Part 2

by Kyle

So after I wrote my review on TVNZ ondemand, and it reached papers and radio stations, there was one company that was yet to shred light on the matter. And this company, is TVNZ.
TVNZ kept quiet while this all happened – and for weeks I had no contact. I was occasionally asked if they had told me off – but I shared their surprise when I admitted “no, they haven’t contacted me”.
When Rachel and Regan went to TVNZ (they were invited), they got a tour of the building, and a few talks on the future, and got to check out TVNZ ondemand. I got an email later on from Rachel, saying that TVNZ think I’m a legend and want to write to me. I thought oh yay! Maybe I might be getting free TVNZ playpoints (needed to download & view TV shows)? I thought that was what it must be. Days and a week or so passed, with no contact from TVNZ. Apparently, the man who was meant to be writing to me had just became a father, so he had been tied up. In a WLM chat, Regan hinted that i was going to love the surprise. I started to think oh, unlimited playpoints? something to do with ondemand?

On the 23rd of March, just before I went to work I got a phonecall on my vodafone mobile. It was a 09 number. I thought ‘what do the herald want this time?’ and answered. To my shock horror (:P), it was someone from TVNZ!
To be specific, it was Jason Paris. He is the Head of Marketing & Emerging Business. He said that TVNZ would like to fly me up to Auckland, tour me around the building, meet some people, watch the news go out live and a few other things! Wow! Incredible! All for just writing about their new website! We finished our chat, then his P.A called. She said

Well that’s what you get for hacking into our website!

As a joke of course, but I was relieved to find TVNZ weren’t annoyed! They thought it was all great fun!
So, I have organised my flights. I will be flying up on May 4th, the same day I go to TVNZ. We get to go out for lunch with Jason (or should I say Mr. Paris?), and we will be staying at the Heritage Hotel. When I say ‘we’, I mean me and Dad. I have to take a parent with me. But at least we have separate rooms!
I am really looking forward to going to TVNZ. This is just amazing. It really is. I might even score a keyring! I would love a keyring. I’ll blog more about it as it comes closer. But it’s really only two weeks away – and I can’t wait!
Big thanks for Rachel & Regan – Without you, this never would have happened!

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