Denis is tripping the light fantastic

by Kyle

Thursday December 24, 1998
By Sarah Gault & Neil Ritchie | The Daily News
Kyle appears in the photo only

DENIS WADSWORTH has begged, borrowed and brought lights all year to string up outside his Coronation Ave house, in New Plymouth.

Yesterday, his glittering collection won him first place in this year’s Christmas Light Spectacular, an annual contest – sponsored this year by The Professionals real estate firm – to light up homes in Taranaki.

“I’ve been planning this all year, and buying lights wherever I could find them cheaply or scrounge off people.” said Mr. Wadsworth, after learning he had won $1200 of free power and a year’s subscription to The Daily News.

Some lights he’d had for years, others, including several spotlights placed strategically in the garden, were brought cheaply.
A large star sitting on the roof topped the sparkling display, which also included strings of bulbs strung between the house and the road, and stalks of lights lining the front veranda.
Mr. Wadsworth entered the competition last year with a makeshift display he whipped up several weeks before Christmas.
Determined to do it properly this time round, he began assembling the pieces in October.

“What I like most is seeing the kids out there at night time. They love it.” said Mr. Wadsworth. “It makes all the effort worthwhile.”

Santa had even popped in to dish out sweets to passer-by’s admiring the display. On Monday, a brass band turned up to play Christmas carols, he said. Fourteen North Taranaki homes entered the lighting spectacular, said the sponsoring firm’s promotions manager, Sher Toomy.

“This year’s entries, although down slightly in number, were very difficult to judge. We had one house with a thousand lights, while another entrant had adorned his seven-meter tall trees.”

Most home owners had entered the competition every year since it began in 1995.
This year it was limited to North Taranaki, as The Professionals, which took over organisation of the contest this summer, only had offices in New Plymouth. In the past, it had been a Taranaki-Wanganui wide competition through major sponcor Powerco.

Although this year’s contest had been open to Waitara and Inglewood residents, noone took up the opportunity, she said.

1. D Wadsworth, 208 Coronation Ave
2. B Smith & A Heathey, 8 Sardinha Place
3. M Hodson, 134 Burns Street.