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Journey of Kyle Wadsworth, Age 15 – Age 19

Goodbye World :)

by Kyle

I’ve been on this blog since I was 15, when my adventures began with Shortland Street at the 15th Birthday Party of the show.
This blog covered my adventures into television as well as film making with Oriental Street Murder, and everything in between and after. It’s been fun!

I’m 19 now and I’ve decided to end this blog. I don’t know who my audience is here, and I would like a fresh clean start. I’ve imported all these old posts, etc onto the new blog so they aren’t lost forever. But I want to thank you for showing an interest in my adventures these last four years.

If you are interested in following me further, you only have to ask.




Inspirational Creativity

by Kyle

I’ve given myself the whole of January to decide my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never bothered with them before, but this year I want to make a real positive change after two years of meh.

One of my set goals is No Fast Food – and I’m only applying this to food chains like McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hutt, etc. I’m not ready to rule out Chinese, Fish & Chips, or the like because I don’t like having that sort of food often, and once every now and again it is fine by me. I’ve also decided to cheat a little and say this only applies in NZ – I’m going to Aussie soon and while I’ll make my best efforts to eat healthy food, I understand there will be some times where it’s not possible and starving myself is not something I am prepared to do.

Another goal is to join the Gym – now that I have set my roots in my hometown for the year, and I feel comfortable here, I am as keen as ever to join a Gym. I’ve even got a buddy! My best friend Mitch is also a member of Police Staff (we operate CBD cameras) and we get access to the police gym. He loves it, and I’m sure I will too.

I really want to build up my creativity in 2012 after being inspired by some people on Facebook and Pin-something. Reading is something I really enjoy, but I’ve often been turned off reading books by unknown authors of unknown genres – or put more simpily, I’ll read anything by JK Rowling but might stray away from Justin Cronin, just because he’s a stranger to me.
Well anyway, I want to read 30 books this year and I’m already onto my second. I’m reading reviews, choosing top 50 books and visiting bookstores to see what interests me. Im going to draw the line at the library though. I like to own my own books.

This year I begin my study towards being a real journalist. And it’s scary yet exciting, and I want to be in the best shape possible both mentally and physically for learning. So yay me 🙂

Most Boring Blog Post Ever

by Kyle

Hello, World!
Just a quick hello catch up post. I realised I’d been posting so much information on Facebook, that I was neglecting my blog!
I’m fine, thanks for the ask. I’m just in my room chilling, Glyn’s behind me reading the book I got for him as a early xmas present. He’s heading home to Hamilton tomorrow, and I might join him for a few days just to get out of New Plymouth. There’s no work at the moment down here so it will be fine. It also looks like I’ll never work at CD Te Rapa again, just because I’m contracted to another store now and not cool enough to have an exemption made. Meh.

Payday is just hours away and it’s sad to think my account will only have money in it for a few minutes! One of the downsides of being old is bills! I never realised they were so….greedy. Am going to pay for my NZ Herald subscription and my Telecom bill! Last telecom bill was $780, haha. Gosh this has got to be the most boring blog post ever! My apologies.

Guess I’m not in a writing mood, but I’m in a Facebook mood! Here’s some Christmas Cheer to end this post:



Road to Recovery

by Kyle

Hello, World.

I guess this is another one of those moments where I have reflected on my previous blogging and gotten jealous.
I used to be so creative, so involved with media! It’s sad looking back but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting looking forward.
Hello, I’m Kyle and I’m now 19. I’ve lived in Hamilton, NZ for the last two years and have now returned home to New Plymouth.

I’ve decided that I want to start blogging again; there’s something relaxing about writing your thoughts in a blog. I’m not really a “secret diary” kind of guy, haha. I’ve stripped away the colours, fancy titles and graphics, sidebars and other distractions from the site so it’s plan and simple, black & white blog. Soothing 🙂

So what have I been doing! Well I’m about to hit 17 months in a relationship, to my handsome man Glyn. We’re engaged as usual! He’s still living in Hamilton, working at SKYCITY as a bartender and a very talented one at that. I finally got promoted within Woolworths Limited and supervise at Countdown. I got a job at Countdown Te Rapa before transferring to Countdown Central NP.

So what’s next? Well next year I’m going to finally do my diploma in Journalism. Glyn’s going to move down and also study, but not until July. I hope to build on my experience in media (this year I worked at TVNZ), and cheer up a little.

It’s almost Christmas. My favourite time of the year.

Ah, Christmas.

by Kyle

I’m not sure if it’s the heart-warming christmas-themed Glee episode I just watched, or the fairy lights that are glowing around my room, but for some reason tonight feels a lot like Christmas.
Already this month I’ve rewarded myself with two books, “Tomorrow, When The War Began” and Keven Milne’s auto-biography – I’ve turned into a boring old man haha! But I’ve enjoyed reading both books and it feels great to be able to just relax and wind down after the drama-packed year I’ve just had!

This morning I received an email from South Seas Film & Television School. They accept only a very limited amount of students into their course every year, being a very popular option for  aspiring actors and film makers all over the country. The director of the school said that he was very impressed with my application, and would like to try and find me a place within their course before christmas. That’s quite an honor! I posted the news on Facebook and everyone who left a comment was excited and some said they look forward to seeing where it will lead.
I’ve had a long and hard thinking sesh about it, because Wintec has accepted me into their Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts) degree for the next three years. That covers everything I love; marketing, PR, journalism, and film/tv.

Long story short, I’ve decided to stick to Wintec and turn down South Seas. It’s a marvelous opportunity, but the degree is more likely to give me a stable future (being a degree and not diploma) in more than one career path. I’d love to do the South Seas course in the future, but maybe now isn’t the right time. Hmmm.

I’m watching my lava lamp now. They are amazing little things, aren’t they? One could watch for hours as the blobs form into different shapes, just relaxing with their thoughts. Inspiring. Mine at the moment looks like there’s a bunch of tree branches in there. Random. . . .  but I love it.

I’m wanting to work on a new film sometime soon. It’s going to be emotional/moving and have a message to youth. I’ll hopefully get some kiwi stars on board to record some messages. It’s going to be a corny love story which life doesn’t treat fairly, so the anti-fairytale of today . . . . but I want it to be realistic. It’s going to be about two gay-youths, and how they are not accepted into today’s society. I want to show the two characters as they advance though life, how they cope and show audiences that any two people, regardless of their sex, can be in love. I know there will be people who argue against this next quote, but it’s one I’ve never forgotten from when I was a kid.

“Love is a gift from god, so who are we to question who he gives it to?”

It’s 11pm now and I’m stuffed. Should probably sleep because I have a long day tomorrow. Christmas shopping. Hanging with Glyn. Jessie’s 17th. Clubbing.
It’s scary how I’m getting old and need my rest, far out.




by Kyle

Welcome to November, 2010.
Crazy how fast the year has gone huh?

About a week or so ago, actually I’m lying because it was only a few days ago, I went to the graduation/prizegiving for New Plymouth Boys’ High School. It just seemed like fitting closure to see the guys I grew up with finish their time at school and talk about where they are going next. I was robbed of the chance to finish my schooling there in 2010, but I still kept my ties to the school during the year. After going to the prizegiving, I feel like my affilation with the school is now over which is pretty awesome.

From next year, I’ll begin study for my Bachelor of Communications (Media Arts) + Diploma in Journalism at Waikato Institute of Technology, which is exciting! My future seems set now after 2010 turned everything upside down for me – I can’t wait to earn my degree and get out there to do what I love.

I’m also stoaked to be at home right now. Living in New Plymouth again until my course starts in Feb ’11, it’s cool to be with the family again. Have applied for a few jobs over the summer so fingers crossed!

What else?

RESTRICTED! Oh yes, I can legally drive alone and I LOVE IT. Petrol’s a little costly, but hey, it’s better than bussing or relying on others. I love this independance!

TIRED! I need to sleep – so I’ll go do that now. Haha xD


by Kyle

I think they need to stop wining. seriously. I’m always finding emotional Facebook and twitter updates, as well as blog posts and ‘signatures’ at the end of text messages. It’s so attention-seemingly sad!

Yes life sucks for you if your bitching with your girlfriend, crying over your boyfriend, still in love with your ex and not able to let go, but sometimes you just shouldn’t go into personal detail about it on the net. You made your boyfriend cry over the phone? great! I’m sure he wants you to tell everyone about that.

Sorry, but I think it’s time girls (and this isn’t all girls of course) stopped being so sad and mopey, and just looked at the positives! why choose to be upset? that’s ridiculous, your like 16 or 17. Life hasn’t even started for you yet.


by Kyle

in the next week or so, and will no longer work. Please use 🙂

2010 ae!

by Kyle

Most of the people I knew this year have failen into a void – we no longer talk, no longer see each other, there is no communication whatsoever. And that includes people I knew from New Plymouth, and people I met in Hamilton. And while that’s sad, it’s taught me people come and go thoughout life. Good and bad friends come and go, and there are some that never leave your side no matter what. Some good life lessions were learnt this year, and 2010 was a crappy year!

But what is life without a crap year? It can’t be consistently perfect all of the time, unless you’re a child star like Justin Bieber or something. Sometimes I wish that Mum & Dad had been successful in stopping me move away, when I wasn’t ready. It would have been so amazing to have had more self control, to have stayed at school and been with my friends and workmates. My family, though my brother’s first year at High School. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot!

But I’m also glad, because I got to meet some really cool people like Glyn, Mishy, Sigourney, Sammie, Steph and others who have made this year that little bit more special. I got to truly experience independence, drown in drama and I lept right out of my comfort zone. New school, new work – god that’s huge!

2010 to me, represents a lot of things for me. I burnt my hand a couple times as I made my own mistakes, tried out different things, screwed up in places but I love the fact that I’ve done that. I’ve changed so much over the past nine months it’s unbelievable.

You might have been able to guess, I’m feeling a little homesick. I know, I’m screwed up and can’t make up my mind. But I’m looking forward to going home to New Plymouth. Home really is where the heart is, isn’t it? Right now I’m living in a lounge in Hamilton. How I came to this . . .I’m not sure. It’s fair to say my standards of living have dropped since I lived with my family, as I never wanted to be in situations like these but blah. I’m looking forward to getting over and around them sometime very soon!

I did move back to New Plymouth, but I found it hard to cope with. Not sure what it was, but it was no longer working for me so I came back to Hamilton. It was so good to return to school, but I’ve found myself way behind everyone else so I’m just bumming around really until the year is over and out and I can start fresh next year! I really don’t want to live in Hamilton next year. I want to begin study somewhere else, weather it’s New Plymouth or Auckland, I just know Hamilton is not where I want my life to be centered around anymore.

Next year I’m going to know where I’m going, what I’m doing, and that’s my focus from now right until the last second of 2010. Time to really start organizing my future – and my priorities.

This weekend I’m going home to New Plymouth with Glyn – I’m going to have time with my real family, in the place that I grew up in. It’s the only place that’s ever been consistent for me, and my best true pals are down there. I can’t wait to see Mum and Dad again, Jeremy and Jamie (who have just rearranged their bedroom and really want me to see), Richie McKyle my goldfish (since age 16), the cat Pepper, Sheree, and I’m just so excited.

Oops, 12.41AM and I have school at 8.30. Night. =]

Meet Kyle.

by Kyle

Hey – I am Kyle and I’m 18.
I figured I should reintroduce myself. I’m a guy living in New Zealand, in two different cities actually. New Plymouth and Hamilton. New Plymouth’s where my family are, but Hamilton is where my school and partner are. Both places have pros and cons, but I have the most amazing friends in the world scattered all over the country. I’ve decided not to have best friends, because I don’t like saying some people are better than others. That also means I don’t have a single best friend either – weird? Not totally, I mean the “besties” help make up my amazing friends but they’re also my people, who I love very much. I’ve been involved with the TV industry here in NZ a little, it’s something I feel very passionate about. I love acting and I have an agent, yay! =)
I love using emoticons in chat and text and I say yay alot. Just putting that out there. I fight for what is right. So if you’re school is taking cuts out of fundraiser money, your workplace is trating staff unfairly, your teacher is screwing you over or your workplace is blinding you, then I want to know about it. I guess thats how I became a Union Delegate for Countdown Hamilton and began working for the union.
I haven’t watched Shortland Street in awhile, but I love Outrageous Fortune on TV3. I don’t think the latest season is really fantastic, but I love the show anyway. The American version, Scoundrels is also pretty fly haha xD
Favourite food? I’m not even sure myself, but sushi is great.
Favourite colour? Red or blue. Mmm yes yes.
Favourite band/artist? I don’t have one, but Britney’s hot.

But yeah. This is my re-introduction to blogging. I’ve had the most bizarre and rocky adventure yet, and since I figure life is full of drama, I should probably blog about it!